1,000 views and 1 stupid thing to do in a kitchen

20 Apr

I just logged on to WordPress and I saw I had 999 site-views. I had hardly told someone about it before I came back and it had passed the 1,000 mark! While this may not seem like much compared to sites that get thousands of views a day, I can appreciate it. I mean, I thought this blog was going to die before it ever hit 500 views due to the fact that most of my traffic comes from Facebook and I had little faith that my friends would actually read a baking blog! I see this accomplishment as a reason to keep going and persevering and motivating myself to keep working in the kitchen.

As a little reward, I’ll put together that “Epic Fail” post that I mentioned a while back. I definitely have plenty of stories to tell about things that go disastrously wrong (at least in my opinion) like exploding piping bags, dough that won’t rise, and burned chocolate. The little things have nothing compared to the entire recipes that fail epically though…There was the broccoli beef that tasted like a salt lick, the fresh noodles that I forgot to stir that formed into an inedible brick, the naan bread pizza with store-bought naan that was like eating 12 cloves of garlic, the frosting that looked like vomit, the gritty homemade Nutella and that time last week when I almost set myself on fire. The fire thing? It involved me attempting to pour water into a pot with a tablespoon of hot olive oil in it. My excuse was that I was stressed and seriously sleep deprived and should not have been near a kitchen.

Here’s what happens when hot oil and water mix by the way (there is a woman with burn scars on her face, so be forewarned):

Please don’t mix hot oil and water. EVER. Don’t be an idiot like me, as I was lucky and stopped pouring before anything too bad happened. This has been a public service announcement from Meet Me In The Kitchen. 😉

So you see, I may seem like I know what I’m doing, but I’m just a novice, and I definitely have my disastrous moments. Anyway, thanks for the continued support and I’ll get to work on that post so that you can all laugh at my pain. 😉


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