Lots of Rambling Text

15 Jun

Where do I start?

Since we last talked I have been busier than I have ever been. I had my last few weeks of school which were jam-packed with stress, tears, and hugs. After finishing school on June 2nd, I came back bright and early on the 3rd for a breakfast and the senior assembly. I received a cord for NHS earlier that week, and at the assembly I received a cord for completing my Human Services career pathway, a stole for the Honors Diploma I earned, and an award from the Child Development Department at the school which I had no idea I was getting. After that madness I went home to pack and bake a batch of insanely good “Monster Cookies” for my friends and I for our senior camping trip. After a few days filled with sunburns, late nights, s’mores, bug bites, eating gumbo on the beach, and lots of time spent enjoying each other’s company I cam home in time for graduation! The day before graduation I went out with my besties to find a dress and we discovered lavender lemonade which I’m dying to make. I went to my favourite Thai place for dinner before graduation with my parents and neighbours, and then we got stuck in the biggest traffic jam of the century which prompted us to take an alternate route which allowed me to get to the Chiles Center about 15 mins before the ceremony was going to start. After graduation I went to grad night where we partied it up until about 4:30am. After spending the next day sleeping/sleepwalking I had a few days to make a cake for a friend’s grad party. I ended up making a cake, 18 whoopie pies, and 20 cake pops in the shape of graduation hats.  That weekend (last weekend) I went grad party-hopping and enjoyed some more good food, and got to spend time with some great people. Monday felt like my first real day of summer vacation and I spent most of the day doing chores and watching reruns on tv. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing my optometrist for my yearly checkup where he dilated my eyes which completely blurred my vision and required me to wear sunglasses indoors for 4 hours. I still managed to help a friend clean her room (I think? Couldn’t really see well!) and then I came home and waited for my vision to come back fully. Today I spent the day with my mum in downtown Hillsboro where we went in all their antique stores and had lunch. Unfortunately I did not find a cake stand with a cover, a functioning vintage camera, or candy jars like I had hoped. It was really fun though, and we ended the day with a stop at Burgerville for some delicious fried asparagus spears which I absolutely LOVE. Anyway, the long and short of it is, I have been busy, and now I will not be as busy. This weekend I have a day of work and a grad party, and next week I work for 4 hours a day, but other than that, The whole summer is at my disposal. My mind is a whirlwind of recipes, images of food I had recently that I want to recreate, the smell of the Garam Masala I bought the other day to make a curry, and the plans for many trips to the Farmer’s market for fresh produce. Tomorrow I shall get some blog posts lined up as I have just transferred over 500 photos from my camera to my laptop just for the blog. The only problem is, Where do I start? 🙂


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