Goodbye to Childhood

24 Jun

It’s the summer before I start college, and I feel like I’m having a midlife crisis. I spent this past week working at the preschool I have been an intern at for the past year, and today I finally had to say goodbye. I have grown so attached to those children, those teachers, the classroom, and everything associated with being there. It had become such a huge part of my life, had made me realize that I want to become a preschool teacher, and helped me on the track to changing my major from psychology to early elementary education. It was my last tie to high school since I had started there as an intern for a child development class and it was my final goodbye to that experience. I finally felt the permanence of graduation, the gravity of the situation I now find myself. I feel like I’m moving all over again like I did so often throughout my childhood- Felixstowe, England to Bonneuil Matours, France to Simi Valley, California to Beaverton, Oregon. I’m saying goodbye to everyone who has supported me over the past four years and looking towards an uncertain future filled with people and places that I will undoubtedly become attached to. Though I understand that I’m not moving across the country or even out-of-state, I will be moving away from the only people who have been there every step of the way. They were there for me when I didn’t know anyone in town, and had to say goodbye to the same people, the same houses, the same schools, the same towns.  I have to live apart from my parents. While I always pictured myself in a faraway state (like Texas) figuring I had moved a lot and could handle it, I overlooked the fact that I have never liked moving far away, and that I really hate goodbyes. Truth be told, I could never really picture myself, a liberal, gun-hating, agnostic in Texas. Then again, I never pictured myself enrolling at a Catholic University that I only applied to because I got a shortened application in the mail. don’t get me wrong, I love the feeling of starting fresh, just as much as I love routine. I’m extremely excited to begin college and to see where my future leads. I wouldn’t be disappointed if I ended up at that same preschool in four years time, whether it be to stop by and say hi or to start a full-time career. All I can do now is wait, dream, and enjoy my own kitchen while I can.

During my senior camping trip, we made french toast on one of the mornings, and I decided I needed to make it once I got home. I had attempted french toast many times in the past, but had never been able to get the consistency right. I realized no, that what I needed was a batter thickened with cream to give it a more custard-y texture, and some seasoning. I made some for breakfast last week using milk, eggs, and bread like before but I also added some heavy cream, vanilla extract, and nutmeg for a richer version. I also took out the sugar I had previously been adding, but I might experiment with a teaspoon of brown sugar next time or a sprinkling of powdered sugar after cooking.

I put one egg, 1/4 cup milk, 3 Tablespoons of heavy whipping cream, a couple pinches of nutmeg, and about 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract in a shallow dish.

I combined with a fork until completely combined.

I placed my first piece of bread into the mixture for 30 seconds before flipping it over in the dish. I left it in the dish to soak for five minutes.

While the second piece of bread was soaking I melted some butter in a pan over medium-low heat.

Once the pan was heated, I carefully added my two pieces of bread.

I let these brown on both sides until cooked, 5-10 minutes depending on the thickness of the bread and heat of the pan.

I chose to eat mine plain, but french toast is always great with some warm syrup. If you have any berries you could also microwave some maple syrup and berries together and mash together to form a delicious topping too.

All I know is that I can see myself making this quite a few times over the next few months. 🙂


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