Threadcakes pt 1 (painting fondant)

27 Jul

*FYI, I wrote this blog post last week, and for some reason it never posted! Sorry it’s way overdue! 😉

I’ve spent the past few weeks with food colouring-stained hands, a sore neck and the determination to create something to be proud of. I have spent many hours hunched over small pieces of fondant with a tiny sewing needle and my smallest paintbrush hoping that I didn’t screw anything up. I also spent many hours pacing in my kitchen and taking breaks to prevent myself from going insane. That is what my life turns into when I am given a long eriod of time to work on a cake. Usually I have to make and decorate a cake withing a few days, but with this cake, I spent many hours on the decorations before I even thought about baking the actual cake. I spent tons of time planning, making stencils, marking fondant, mixing “paint”, painting fondant, colouring in fondant etc. Here’s what it took to make my 2011 entry for Threadcakes.

First, I had my dad print off 3 copies of the design “Captain Obvious” and cut out the elements. I cut out each individual letter for the title, the speech bubbles, the four squares, and the superhero and his cape seperately.

I then rolled out white fondant, and using a super sharp exacto knife, I cut around the paper to get my fondant pieces.

Once all these were cut out I started with the speech bubbles. I placed the paper cut-out on top of the fondant and used a sewing needle to poke along the letters so that when I lifted the paper I just had to connect the dots.

Pretty much perfect right? I mixed gel food colouring and vodka to get an almost ink like substance. The only problem was that I thought the mixture smelled like garlic for some reason, but nobody else could smell it. hmmm… Anyway, remember when I said I *just* had to connect the dots? Well, words were easy, shapes were a LOT harder.

That was one of the easier ones, I must admit, but it was tricky nonetheless.

This was my favourite part: Captain Obvious himself, the main graphic on the shirt. It was a lot of fun, but the muscles kinda creeped me out a bit. To give you an idea how hard it was, here is a picture of the top, right square of the cake right before I painted it along with the needle for size reference. Can you make out what it is?

It’s an airplane with the superhero flying above it. Here’s a picture of the pieces in black and white to compare it to.

By far, the worst part was the top, left square just because of the extent of the detail. I worked on it over the space of three days because I was getting so frustrated! When it was all done though, I go to colour everything in which was really fun.

I started with the speech bubbles because I had to use red royal icing to go over the words that were supposed to be red. When I made the bubbles to begin with, I was referring to a black and white photo, so I had no idea words were red. oops! Then, I painted all the yellow parts…

all the red parts…

all the blue parts…

I then painted the hero’s skin, the grass and tree. Once that was done, I assembled the cake and placed the fondant pieces on top.

Cool huh?

For the entry, we had to take pictures cutting into and eating the cake (to prove it’s edible?) and I entrusted my dad with this task.

Too bad he didn’t let me make sure I looked alright first. This is what I look like after finishing a super intricate cake at 11pm at night…

Not cute. :p Oh well, at least I got some delicious cake, the recipe for which will soon follow. Don’t forget to “like” my entry, and you can even post comments on the entries now which is cool. 🙂


2 Responses to “Threadcakes pt 1 (painting fondant)”

  1. jjtparedes July 28, 2011 at 6:31 pm #

    amazing! hope I can do this someday but I do not think I will have the patience to do each piece. I love this cake!

    • Meet Me In The Kitchen July 28, 2011 at 8:55 pm #

      Thanks so much, I’m glad you like it! I took a look at your website too, and your cake are pretty amazing! I wish my sculpting skills were that good! 🙂

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